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Xantus Drinksafe

Drinkcheck Wristband Black & Gold - 4 Test fields

Drinkcheck Wristband Black & Gold - 4 Test fields

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We want YOU to get home safely!

With the Xantus wristband, you can easily check whether there are knockout drops in your drink


✅ Test your drink to see if there are any knockout drops (GHB) in it

✅ Scientifically confirmed

✅ Preventive protection

✅ Increased awareness and mindfulness
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Come home safely

We want you to always be able to take care of yourself and your drink.

Xantus is the world leader in providing you with the best products to party safely

Check your drink - Cover it - Test your alcohol level

  • Vally

    As I've already had experience with knockout drops myself, I can finally go out partying again with peace of mind. Somehow I just feel safer.

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  • Sebastian

    Excellent product that works brilliantly. I can warmly recommend it to everyone!!!

  • Katrin

    Love the product and the drinkcheck bracelet is a true life saver!!! Highly recommend it for all your friends, family members and yourself

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  • Coliralu

    I bought the Drink Check wristbands for my daughter, she feels safer since then and the wristbands are a deterrent from the outset.
    Her friends have also bought the wristbands.

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  • Askild

    I was partying in a club in Mexico and usually kept one eye on my drink. Spontaneously I decided to test it. The test turned out blue! I couldn't believe that someone had managed to put KO drops in me, even though I was being careful. I can recommend the Xantus wristband 100%.

    Trustpilot review 
  • Kim Philip

    I am beyond impressed. It's not just a product for me, it's now a part of my family's party kit. We can't imagine heading out to social gatherings without it.
    What truly caught my attention was the scientific confirmation of its reliability. I feel significantly more secure & absolutely recommend it

    Trustpilot review 

Xantus in the lab

If you have a bad feeling when partying....